The idea behind our blog appeared out of the desire to show individuals that having a healthy financial life is possible regardless of income level, age, or lifestyle. Our teams of writers are composed of young entrepreneurs and financial analysts who have spent their lives working with banks and other private lenders. Each and every one of them has started from the bottom and worked his way up, whether by starting a company or by finding the best investment opportunities. Collectively, they have over 60 years of business experience between them and they want to share their experiences and insights with anyone interested.

We regularly post informative articles that are designed to explain important financial concepts such as equity loans, compound interest, lines of credit, mortgages, co-signed loans, and others. These will help individuals better understand the terms and conditions offered by banks and other lenders. Our writers also keep an eye on the major banks in the UK, analysing the new offers that they come up with. That information is then used to create guides that will help potential borrowers increase their credit ratings, get lower interest rates, and even access loans that they would normally not be able to. All of their insights are free and easily accessible.